Why An Alchemist?

Alchemy Real Estate is a team of passionate, dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional service to the Puget Sound region.

Alchemist (n.): Uses a pinch of science, a dash of imagination, and a touch of magic to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary; transforms lives.

Since 2002, Alchemy Real Estate has been breaking the mold of what a traditional real estate brokerage provides. We’re not like everyone else; yes, we are a little bit different. Our alchemist agents are Seattle experts with servants’ hearts, who put the clients first during every step of the process. We have a team of in-house experts utilizing years of highly valued expertise and the latest technology to make all your real-estate needs a reality. We are staunch buyer & seller advocates, with unparalleled knowledge whether you’re looking for new-construction, a resale home, or a bit of dirt for your next project. We know the recipe for making real estate magic happen. When you work with Alchemy, you can rest-assured that your needs are being taken care of at a high level; we’re in the driver’s seat making sure you’re always taken care of.


Seattle Experts, Staunch Buyer & Seller Advocates, Unparalleled Knowledge

When you work with Alchemy, you get a 360 degree perspective of the real estate market and guidance from an in-house team of dedicated, passionate professionals. With over 600 Alchemy listings set to hit the market, we are confident you will find what you are looking for. Our “crystal ball” of coming soon homes allows us the opportunity to read the market from centerstage and quickly convey what we see to all our clients.