Alchemy Real Estate is a vertically integrated real estate development firm raising their first Equity Fund “EF I” (target fund size: $10M) and their first Debt Fund “DF” (open-ended). Both Funds officially launched in mid-August 2023.

Although these are our first two formal Funds, Alchemy has raised and deployed hundreds of millions ($) in private equity from individual investors and $2B+ in debt for development projects since 1997.

Since 1997,  Alchemy has generated an average 20-25%+ net IRR to investors with a typical payback period of 24-36 months from principal deployed to principal + returns paid back to investors. This shorter-term payback period provides investors with a unique opportunity for strong returns and liquidity without long-term lock in.

Due to the small size of Equity Fund I, it is filling up rather quickly, so please reach out ASAP if interested.

Those who invest in Equity Fund I, will receive the first right of refusal to invest in Equity Fund II, likely launching in 2024.


Alchemy Real Estate was founded in Seattle by Gabe Rosenshine, who has 26+ years of experience in the Seattle real estate development world. His Leadership Team has another 100+ years of combined experience in Seattle real estate development.

Gabe started as a real estate broker, specializing in brokering land (often with a home already built on it) to developers/investors, who then built new homes and brought them back to Gabe’s real estate broker team to sell. For most of the years spanning from 1997 - 2007, this strategy helped Gabe achieve #1 real estate broker in homes sold (units and $ volume).

In 2007, Gabe built his team leveraged their land brokering, development, and sales expertise to launch their own fully vertically integrated development firm. This enabled Alchemy to fully own the end-to-end process in-house, which significantly boosted their profitability as well as investor returns. Alchemy continued to work with a select group of local non-institutional investors who provided private equity to put down on projects for the acquisition and construction debt from our long-time local banking partners.

As of this year, 2023, the Leadership Team unanimously agreed that this is the ideal time to raise our first Equity Fund and our first Debt Fund to capitalize on the meaningful amount of high-quality deal flow we continue to see.

These Funds will also help us solve our two greatest bottlenecks:

1.) Spending too much time fundraising private equity per deal from local individual investors vs pulling from a Fund

2.) Maximizing our ability to capitalize all of our excellent local deal-flow, which often gets passed on due to exhausting our equity and debt availability from local investors and local banks.




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