Alchemy by the Numbers

Our Alchemists are the top new construction townhome & single family home brokers in Seattle. We have 20+ years of experience partnering with new construction developers while providing buyers and sellers with local insights and exceptional service on all types of real estate transactions.

Large claims? Agreed. But, we also have the receipts to prove it...

Alchemy Real Estate sold 269 homes last year, #1 in Seattle. Alchemy Real Estate sold $199m+ in real estate assets in 2021, #1 in Seattle. 141+ 5-Star reviews of the Alchemy Real Estate agent team and counting! Alchemy Real Estate has sold 1800+ homes in Seattle since 2002!

Upcoming Home and Townhome Projects

Alchemy Real Estate and our partner developers in Seattle have 300+ homes in our pipeline planned for delivery in the coming 2 - 3 years.

Our listings, our relationships, and our access to preview properties still under construction give you an upper hand in your search for the best new homes & townhomes, in the best Seattle neighborhoods.

Reach out with the form below! We’re confident we can use Alchemy to make real estate magic happen for you, too.

Our Alchemists - New Home & Townhouse Specialists

Mario Husmillo
Erika Ganjargal
Tom Skepetaris and Rebecca Mitsui
Jim Chittenden
Demetre Skepetaris
Samuel Sanchez
Luke Brown

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